Webinar - Recognizing review: New and future approaches to recognising review

From 11am BST

To kick things off, we've teamed up with the good folk at Science Open, Nature Communications and PaperHive to bring you a free webinar looking at the new and future approaches for acknowledging and improving peer review.

The crack team of speakers include:

  • Andrew Preston, Founder of Publons
  • Katie Ridd, Senior Editor at Nature Communications
  • Alexander Naydenov, Co-founder of PaperHive
  • Stephanie Dawson, CEO of ScienceOpen

Issues we'll be covering include: 

  1. The importance of recognising the efforts of Editors and referees in facilitating and being involved in peer review, and especially ‘open review’;
  2. Value of keeping the discussion going after research is published (i.e., the treatment of peer review as a process);
  3. Innovative technologies and approaches to open and post-publication review;
  4. Visions for the future of peer review, which also happens to fit in really nicely with the SPOTON theme this year.

Register here for free