Expert panel: Recognition for review

  • Advanced Engineering Bldg (49) - C207, University of Queensland Jocks Road Saint Lucia, QLD, 4067 Australia

Chaired by the world champion peer-reviewer as per Publon’s leaderboard: Professor Neal Ashkanasy, UQ Business School

This discussion as an opportunity to celebrate peer review and those who are driving it, as well as shed some light on the process of peer review. In synergy with the global community of researchers, representing different institutions, organisations and groups we aspire to further promote the "Recognition for Peer Review”, which is the theme for the year 2016. One of the co-founders of Publons, Daniel Johnston is going to talk about Publons' view of why championing peer review. We’ll look at the University of Queensland Library and Publons case study – revealing previously hidden contributions to world research.

Participants will also learn first-hand from top UQ peer-reviewers to find the answer to the key questions: why volunteer your time in a busy academic life to ensure quality of published research; at what point in your career is it good to get involved in peer review; what is the biggest challenge in reviewing for a journal and many more.